Clovis McEvoy

Creative Works

Conflux is a work for acoustic tenor recorder and live electronics written for Imogen Morris.

The electronic components have been designed to shift and fluidly adapt to the performer's tempo, dynamics and pitch choices, creating exciting and dynamic relationships between the two mediums as they collide and combine.

The work is evocative of New Zealand’s changing cultural identity – as our natural heritage gives way to encroaching industrialisation and urbanisation there is friction and stresses but also the opportunity for new creations, interactions and relationships.

The recorder’s rich, primal timbre – evoking the ancient, organic imagery of native New Zealanders’ primitive wooden instruments – combined with harsher mechanical textures speaks to the push and pull between nature and technology.

Video Experimentation 1 was created using non-Newtonian fluids and sound waves. The effect of sound waves on this substance creates complex physical interactions and relationships which I have then 'recomposed' using abstract sonic material

Circadian Decay is an acousmatic work written for multiple loudspeakers.

The work explores themes relating to death and the passage of time through the paradigm of childrens nursury rhymes and unnattributed WWI poetry

Death Warmed Up is an acousmatic work written for multiple loudspeakers.

Death Warmed Up explores a dark and precarious sound world filled with small, intimate textures and abrupt climaxes. Structurally the work moves through four different phases, each related yet at times highly contrasting.

Flâneur is an acousmatic work written for multiple loudspeakers.

Flâneur and is primarily focused on human voice and storytelling. It follows a narrative that sees the protagonist travel out from his apartment and onto the streets where he encounters the multifarious elements of Auckland cities culture, and finally home again.

This is a short audio-video experiment using Vsynth for Max/MSP. I was exploring some parametric mapping strategies to create isomorphic relationships.

Written for trumpet player Brent Grapes this work utilises the wide dynamic range of the instrument to create highly contrasting sections.

Utilising only synthesis, this work follows a vaguelly organic narrative