Clovis McEvoy

Clovis Mcevoy

Clovis McEvoy: Composer

Clovis McEvoy is a 29-year-old freelance composer, lecturer, sound engineer and music journalist based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Clovis currently lectures at Auckland University School of Music in the field of sonic arts and music production and, as part of his teaching practice, specializes in sound design for film and game, composing for game, and live electronics.

Clovis found early success writing acousmatic music for loudspeakers and his works Flâneur and Death Warmed Up both took 2nd place equal at the Lilburn Composition Prize Concert in 2012 and 2013.

Clovis has worked with, and has been commissioned to write for, members of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, and has written soundtracks for short films, documentaries and live theatre, including the 2013 Fringe Festival play 'Gorge' and the 2015 Auckland Theatre Company production ‘BED’ and the Marvellous Theatre Group production 'Awake'.

In 2013 Clovis was selected to travel to Paris, France to study in this field at the world leading research centre IRCAM and participate in their Manifeste-Acadamie arts festival. It was after studying at IRCAM that Clovis became interested in the integration of live acoustic performance and electronic elements.

Research in this area led to the creation of his work Conflux which earned him 1st place at the Lilburn Composition Prize concert in 2014 and was later one 16 works – out of 250 submissions from more than 30 countries – selected for performance at the Seoul International Computer Music Festival in South Korea. Conflux has been selected for performance at the 2018 New Zealand Festival in Wellington, New Zealand.

In 2016 Clovis was again selected to participate in the Manifeste-Acadamie festival at IRCAM and will travel there in the second half of 2017.

Currently Clovis has begun research into the integration of virtual reality environments and electroacoustic art music.